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Terms and Conditions

1.  By Checking their dog into Springfield the owner is automatically accepting our terms and conditions

2.  Pets must be collected between 9am & 5.00pm Monday – Friday and 9am -12 noon at weekends, unless the out of hour's service has been pre-arranged.

3.  Boarding will be charged per day or part of.   Out of Hours service is available, at extra charge of £5 per client, between 8.30am - 9.00am and 5.00pm - 6.00pm by prior arrangement weekdays and weekend mornings only.

4.  Although we will make our best endeavour to contact you or your designated emergency contact first, we reserve the right to contact and be guided by a veterinary surgeon should the need arise during your pet’s stay.

5.  We reserve the right to attend to any concerns with regard to your pet's coat that would affect their health and welfare during their stay with us.  The cost of any required intervention will be charged to you.

6.  In the case of early collection a minimum of one days notice is required Off Peak and at the time of check in during peak season (July and August, Christmas to New Year).  Your Bill will then be adjusted accordingly.  Early collection without these conditions being observed will result in an administration charge of £10 being payable Off Peak and the full bill being payable during Peak season.

7.  A Peak Booking Fee of £5 per booking will be charged on bookings which include days falling within Peak Season (July and August, Christmas to New Year).  Note this is a one off per booking fee it is not per dog or cat or per day.

8.  No additional charge is made or reduction given when the customer supplies their pet’s food.

9.  A non returnable deposit of £20 will be required to confirm a booking for new customers at any time and for all clients during Peak Seasons.

10.  Payment is due in full on departure and can be paid by cheque or cash only.  In the event of a cheque being returned unpaid there will be an administration charge of £15 added to the existing balance.

11.  Proof of vaccination in the form of the pet’s up to date vaccination certificate MUST accompany your pet on arrival on all occasions.  Your vet can provide a duplicate certificate if necessary.

12.  New vaccination courses must be completed at least 10 days before arrival.

13.  All medication must be clearly marked with your pet’s name, the dosage and the type of medication clearly stated, plus an explanation of the condition being treated.  We require details of any pre-existing condition and reserve the right to consult a veterinary surgeon if required.

14.  Any pet boarding with us is insured during their stay subject to our insurer’s terms and conditions (copy available on request).  We will only accept liability up to the extent of this cover.  Any potential claim must be notified to us within 72hrs of your pet’s departure.  We strongly advise you have your own private insurance cover and animals are only accepted for boarding on the understanding that liability for costs outside the terms and extent of our insurance are not covered and are the responsibility of the owner.

15.  We accept pets from the same owners to be boarded in pairs or as families on the clear understanding and acceptance that pets sharing are at the owners own risk and we accept no liability for any injury caused between animals sharing.  We also retain the right to separate pets if at any point we feel this is required.   Any increase in bills as a result of this will be charged to the owner.

16.  In line with DEFRA Guidance, our policy is to exercise pets on their own or in their family group.  If requested, animals belonging to separate family groups can be exercised together, however, this is only done at the owners own risk and when all owners concerned have requested and signed their approval. We accept no liability for injury or illness as a result of this happening.

17.  Non collection of a Pet:  We reserve the right to take any action deemed necessary with respect to your pet in the event of non collection or non contact by you, the owner, after 14 days from the due date of collection and will seek recovery of all costs incurred.                                    Terms and conditions revised 1/3/18 



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